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Posted on 29 July 2018

"There is no such thing as one, universal best diet"

 But first we need to consider the following;

  • Body type: Some client’s come to us tall and thin. Others come short and stocky.
  • Dietary preferences & exclusions: Some people eat 1meal per day. Others eat  several meals per day.
  • Budget: Some people have with very little to no idea and minimal to low budget. Others have an unlimited budgets.
  • Most people have little to no Nutrition knowledge.
  • Time: Some people have very little time, while others have all the time they need.

"The best coaches don’t actually have a single nutrition philosophy, if they tell you they do then they are lying"


"It is possible to be healthy and fit whether you eat mostly whole foods"


Here are some examples of Nutrition Plans:

  • Some eat plant-based diets. Others eat meat-based diets.
  • Some eat high carb diets. Others eat low carb diets.
  • Some eat dairy-free, gluten-free, and all other potential allergen-free diets.
  • Some follow the latest fad diet
  • Others “eat whatever I want as long as I get enough proteins and fats and stay healthy” diets.

We all should practice what we preach and take our health and fitness seriously if we want change.

How do you know which diet will work for you?

You’re probably wondering: How can such wildly different nutrition programs all lead to positive results?

Most effective nutrition programs are more similar than different?

low carb diets, eating small meals frequently, eating larger meals infrequently, etc. all accomplish the following:

  1. They raise nutrition awareness and attention.

Everyone talks about the food itself — Proteins, Carbs, and Fats. What to eat more of and what to avoid.

Research is now showing that simply paying attention to what you eat is a key factor in weather you’ll strip fat or gain muscle and improve your health.


Stop counting calories and thinking about what you cannot eat and start focusing on quality nutrient rich whole food and no processed foods regardless of the breakdown of Protein, Carbohydrates & Fats.

We often look, feel, and perform terribly when we’re deficient in important nutrients. But within a few weeks of correcting these deficiencies, we feel totally rejuvenated

When we’re more aware of what we’re eating, choose more satisfying, higher quality foods, and eliminate nutrient deficiencies, we almost always end up eating less total food. We feel more satisfied. We lose fat, gain lean muscle, and perform better.

Notice that you don’t need calorie counting here. Focusing on food awareness and food quality is usually enough for people to tune into their own hunger and appetite. And that means calorie control without the annoying calorie math.

Most popular diets— when done with care, attention, and a little coaching — help control appetite, improve food quality, promote exercise, and raise nutritional awareness.

The best diet to follow is the one that’s best and fits in with you  



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