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Cert III Fitness

QUALIFICATION OUTCOME: SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness 


A Certificate III in Fitness (SIS30315) qualifies you to work as a Gym Floor Instructor or Group Exercise Instructor after graduation, you’ll have the chance to turn your passion into a career and choose your own hours.

Have you been thinking about starting your career in Fitness or even a career change?

The LaVanda Elite’s Cert lll in fitness is the perfect place to start?

From the moment you graduate you will possess a comprehensive understanding of fitness and training fundamentals.

LaVanda Elite’s Cert lll Fitness Instructor course has taken entry-level learning to a whole new level in implementing Biomechanical Assessment protocols as part of the Cert lll.

This will help you understand basic musculoskeletal imbalances when assessing potential clients, helping you fast track your way to a successful career.

We will give you the best opportunity to start your career as a Gym Floor Instructor, Group Exercise Instructor or Fitness Professional sooner!

You will learn how to incorporate the latest health, fitness and training principles into your program design.

This will give you the knowledge and skills you need to conduct fitness assessments and deliver fitness programs that guide people on how to achieve their fitness goals.

This course gives you the flexibility to complete the theory component in the comfort of your own home.



With the introduction of technology at such a fast pace, our posture health is becoming of grave concern with many. Australians are now living longer and working harder than ever before leaving very little time for a balanced life

There has been an increase in conditions such as Heart disease, Cancer, diabetes and obesity, it’s clear there’s a growing need for good health and fitness services.

Exercise is now widely recognised as both a pre-habilitative solution and a rehabilitative solution for chronic lifestyle diseases more Doctors are prescribing exercise to their clients, increasing the demand for highly skilled PTs.



This program is delivered online, giving you the best and most up to date online education, helping you to become a successful personal trainer in an industry that’s in high demand for a more knowledgeable, experienced and respectful trainer. 


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